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5 Amazing Benefits of Having a Family Dentist

Proper dental hygiene plays a vital role in the overall health and wellbeing of an individual. Each family member has unique oral care needs that will evolve over their lifetime. Family dental services help tackle oral health issues at every stage of life.

Family dentistry involves a whole range of services including dental cleanings, orthodontics, tooth replacement solutions, dental implants and fillings, and much more. Are you tired of visiting different dental offices for each member of your family? It may be time to switch to a family dentist.

Family dental services focus on oral health needs as they arise in toddlers, teens, and mature adults of all ages. Here are five reasons why you need a family dentist.

1. Convenience

Dentists offering family dental services offer consultations about oral health issues affecting all-age groups. You may not have to run around different offices to accommodate you and your kids’ dental care needs. You can book one appointment to cover for all family members, which saves you time. You can eliminate the travel headache and improve your family’s access to dental care by choosing a family dentist. Remember, you also get the added advantage of having someone who can remind you to check-in if you miss several oral care appointments.

2. Creating Personal, Life-long Relationships

It is not unusual for a family dentist to see a patient throughout their life. The patient-dentist relationship built over decades enables the dental office to identify dental problems early. The regular appointments can reveal predictions of potential issues that you may need to address. Your kid will also become comfortable visiting a dentist that they have a good relationship with.

The family dentists also understand your dental and family history. This information may be vital in the identification of dental genetic problems. The treatment of these issues can be adequately addressed, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

3. Emergency Dental Care

Tooth pain is usually emergent, necessitating an urgent visit to a dentist. Family dentists may be willing to accommodate late appointments for their patients. Whether your child broke their tooth or you have a dental infection, the family dentist can provide a limited exam focused on your immediate concern. You can receive the proper oral care, with the emergency dentists providing an effective treatment plan for your dental issue.

4. Preventative Dental Care

Family dentists can help you set the right example for your kids through proactive dentistry. The family dental services include regular screenings where the dentists can provide vital information on looking after your teeth and gums. Your children can receive tips on daily oral care, diet, toothpaste selection, and other considerations. You may also get advice on how to avoid certain dental issues such as tooth decay and gingivitis.

5. Wide Range of Family Dental Services

Family dentistry tackles oral health issues affecting all age groups. You may get to enjoy comprehensive oral care through family dental services that include:

  • Regular cleanings
  • Dental filings
  • Dental implants
  • Complete denture therapy
  • Orthodontics
  • Preventative dentistry, and much more

Your family can enjoy healthier teeth and gums through the excellent dental care provided by the family dentist.

Family dental services can improve your family’s oral health, with an individualized care plan for each member. Set up your family for proper dental care through Dr. Shilo Annis and the Mountain View Dentistry team. Call to schedule an appointment with our Maine family dental office.