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6 Benefits of Getting Sealants

When it comes to protective dental care, many dentists recommend that their patients get sealants. Sealants are protective coatings applied to the teeth and can act as a shield against tooth decay and cavities. Let’s learn more about the benefits of this type of dental treatment.

1. Protection from Plaque

Sealants form a protective coating over your teeth, which helps keep plaque at bay. This is especially important for adults, who tend to produce more plaque than younger people. Without sealants, the plaque can lead to serious dental problems like tooth decay and cavities.

2. Cost-Effective

This dental care solution is an affordable way to protect your teeth from decay. Compared to other types of dental treatment, sealants can be a much more cost-effective way to keep your teeth healthy. Plus, almost all dental insurance plans will cover sealants, so you don’t have to worry about the added expense.

3. Lasts for Years

Sealants can last up to ten years, depending on the condition of your teeth. The coating will stay intact, protecting your teeth against plaque and tartar buildup. This means you won’t need to get new sealants as often, helping you save money and time.

4. Quick Treatment

Getting sealants is a quick and easy process that won’t take more than one visit to the dentist. The entire procedure usually takes no more than 30 minutes, and you’ll be able to resume your daily activities without any issues.

5. Prevention of Tooth Decay

Sealants are an effective way to prevent tooth decay and cavities, especially for adults. Almost one-third of older adults suffer from untreated tooth decay, according to the Administration for Community Living. Getting sealants can help adults in this situation protect their teeth and avoid dental problems in the future.

6. Kid-Friendly

Sealants are a great dental care option for children as well. The American Dental Association recommends that all children get sealants to protect their teeth. It helps reduce the risk of cavities and other dental problems in kids, making it an ideal solution for families.

Overall, sealants provide great protection for your teeth and can be a cost-effective solution for keeping them healthy. They can last several years, and the treatment is quick and easy. Plus, this treatment is a great way to prevent tooth decay and cavities. If you or your child need sealants, come to Mountain View Dentistry. We pride ourselves on fostering a warm and friendly environment where patients don’t need to feel nervous about dental care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.