6 Qualities to Look For in a Family Dentist

Are you in the market for a new family dentist? It’s a big change and one you need to get right! After all, oral health can impact your well-being in many subtle ways. Thankfully, we have a few tips and suggestions that should make finding a dentist much easier for you!

1. Excellent Professionalism

There’s nothing wrong with a dentist who makes your children laugh with bad jokes. In fact, humor showcases a high level of professionalism for dentists. Other signs of professionalism include never canceling appointments, transparently discussing payment plans, and treating you with respect.

2. Family-First Treatment

Have you ever worked with a doctor who seems more interested in their career than your health? Avoid these types of dentists like the plague! Instead, seek out a dentist who focuses on your family, including working with your insurance to help you pay for their treatment.

3. Coherent Treatment Plans

According to the ADA, your kids should see a dentist by their very first birthday. Just as importantly, they should see the same dentist until they’re an adult. Why? Sticking with one dentist provides comprehensive treatments and creates a more coherent overall care strategy.

4. Profesional Experience

Yes, it’s tempting to work with a young and approachable family dentist for your dental care. After all, they’re early in their career and could use the work, right? Probably, but we strongly recommend working with an experienced dentist instead. This should minimize your risk of serious dental injuries.

5. Emergency Service

It’s a nightmare situation for any parent: a dental emergency. They can hit at any time and cause severe injuries, pain, and permanent tooth loss. Is your child guaranteed to have a dental emergency? No, but find a dentist who provides hands-on emergency care to help if and when one does happen.

6. Friendly Personality

Lastly, find a dentist with a friendly and welcoming personality. How? Pay attention to your dentist when you visit their office. Do they warmly welcome you when you visit? Do they enjoy talking with your kid? Most importantly, does their personality seem “right” for you?

Try looking for these traits in your next family dentist! After all, you deserve a dentist you can trust who has your family’s back, no matter what! If you’re still not sure who to work with, call Mountain View Dentistry today to learn more! We’re the kind of trustworthy and high-quality dental team that you can trust.