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If you’re looking for no-stress dentistry in the Bridgton, Maine, area, you’ve found it at Mountain View Dentistry. Whether you visit us to get your teeth cleaned or for a dental emergency, you can trust us with your family’s care.

Your family will appreciate:

  • Lots of different options for smile improvement, including cosmetic dentistry, straightening, and dental implants.
  • A dentist and hygienists who take the time to get to know you, so they can create customized treatment plans.
  • Easy financial payment options.

Dr. Shilo Annis

Dr. Shilo Annis

Dr. Shilo Annis was born and raised in Maine. Shilo has had an unusual path to become a dentist. After graduating Windham High School, Shilo enlisted in the Army and spent a few years in South America. He then became an Apache Helicopter Pilot in the Army for several years. After leaving the Army, he went on to become a federal agent flying for Customs and Border Protection in San Diego.

While Shilo enjoyed his time flying, he wanted something that provided a service to people in his home state. Eventually, he made his way through the University of Southern Maine. He then went on to the University of New England College of Dental Medicine, graduating in the inaugural class.

Shilo has many interests in dentistry and wants to maintain a general practice in which he can serve the majority of people and their concerns.

Outside of work, Shilo enjoys any and all activities that allow him to spend time with his wife and two daughters.

“Yes, I enjoy making beautiful smiles. Moreover, I really enjoy helping someone that is anxious at the dentist become more relaxed and providing solutions for their concerns.”

“There is a great deal of trust a person has for their dentist. I want to earn and keep that trust by providing the best treatment possible for them in a relaxing environment.”
— Dr. Shilo Annis

Our Staff at Mountain View Dentistry

Erin, RDH of Mountain View Dentistry, Bridgton, Maine

Erin, Registered Dental Hygenist

Erin joined the Mountain View Dentistry team on a part-time basis in May 2011. She graduated from the University of Maine in 2002 with an Associate’s Degree in Dental Hygiene. Erin is very dedicated to the care of her patients. She enjoys developing a relationship with each person and particularly enjoys the challenge of helping ease the anxiety of her patients. Erin is adamant that a visit to the dentist office should be a positive experience.

She does a great job helping patients understand their treatment and educating them on how to maintain great dental health and a beautiful, healthy smile for life.

Debi at Mountain View Dentistry Bridgton Maine

Debi, Registered Dental Hygenist

Debi joined the Mountain View Dentistry team in May 2017. Her friendly and caring demeanor helps her connect with patients and makes them feel right at home. Debi believes that each patient needs to have individualized care specific to that patient’s needs, and ensures the patient is heard and feels confident in their treatment.

She graduated in 2009 from the University of New England with her Associate’s Degree in Dental Hygiene. She furthered her education and graduated in 2017 with her Master’s Degree of Science in Dental Hygiene from MCPHS University in Boston, Massachusetts. As well as being a team member at Mountain View Dentistry, Debi is also an adjunct faculty member in the dental hygiene clinic at the University of New England.

Besides her passion for education and dentistry, Debi enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Spending time with her mother and sister by the pool is where you can find Debi in the summertime. In the spring of 2018, she was one of the assistant junior varsity softball coaches for Gorham High School alongside the head coach, who happens to be her father. She played sports in college and continues to play in many coed softball leagues year-round.