Don’t Skip Your Dental Appointments: Here’s Why

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Skipping dental appointments is one of the most harmful lifestyle decisions you can make. Oral health not only focuses on cosmetic problems but also on your overall health. According to the CDC, approximately one in four adults over twenty years old have cavities. If you don’t maintain and care for your teeth, you will unknowingly … Read more

3 Signs Your Child May Have a Cavity

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According to the CDC, by the time 52% of children reach the age of eight, they will have developed a cavity in their baby teeth. Having a dentist for the whole family can help to ensure your child’s oral health stays on the right track. Here are a few common signs of cavities in children. … Read more

When Should Children Start Going to the Dentist?


If you’re trying to teach your kids about good oral hygiene, you may be wondering, “when should my child start going to the dentist?” A recommendation from the American Dental Association says children should get to a dentist by their first birthday. If you’re prepping for your child’s first dental visit, here are some helpful … Read more

4 Main Causes of Tooth Decay Parents Should Worry About

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As parents, we have a lot of responsibility towards our children. Perhaps one of the most significant responsibilities is caring for their health, and that includes the status of their teeth. Many parents unintentionally become lax about preventative dental care for their children, in part because their children have “baby teeth” that will eventually fall … Read more