3 Ways to Prevent Cavities

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Dental cavities are a common problem. About 25 percent of all adults over the age of 20 have cavities. Fortunately, preventing cavities is not too difficult. All you need is to watch what you eat and drink, maintain good oral hygiene, and get dental care. Here are three ways you can prevent cavities. Cut Back … Read more

3 Reasons to Replace a Missing Tooth

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Replacing a missing tooth should be a priority. The right tooth replacement solution not only restores your smile but will also improve your oral health. About 19% of the people in 19 countries report that they wear some form of dental prosthetic, which equates to about one out of five people. Aesthetics Is Near The … Read more

How Dental Care Impacts Your Overall Health

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Dental health is important, so much so that 99.7% of adults surveyed by the AACD believed that a healthy smile was socially important to have. However, a healthy smile isn’t just good for appearances, it can also be vital to your overall health. To help you understand more about the correlation between dental health and … Read more

Best Practices for Healthy Teeth

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Taking care of your teeth should never be a job that’s left half done. When you use the right preventative dental care, your teeth can come out white, clean, and you’ll have fresh breath. By taking proper care, you’ll be avoiding gum disease, plaque build-up, cavities, and any unwanted surgeries. Here are a few of … Read more