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Comfort and Convenience: Why Choose a Family Dentist

Soon after your little one cuts their first tooth, it’s time to head to the dentist. According to Kids Health, the ADA recommends that children have their first appointment before they turn one. Today, many parents are choosing a family dentist to see their children. This article will explain why.


Having a dentist who can see every family member is simply more convenient. You can take your toddler, teenager, and preschooler to the same dentist you visit. This eliminates the hassle of heading back and forth to multiple offices for teeth cleaning across town. You can schedule block appointments so the dentist can see one person after another, instantly helping you save your PTO days when needed.

Comprehensive Care

Family dentists are trained to treat common problems for people of all ages. This includes dentures, gum disease, cavities, standard cleaning, TMJ, and more. When you work with a dentist that offers a comprehensive list of services, you don’t have to go from one provider to another for routine care.

Continuity of Care

Children are often sad when it’s time to leave their pediatric dentist. They may even feel anxious about seeing a new dentist. When you head to a new practitioner, the only thing they know about your family is what’s on paper. A family dentist will continue to get to know your family as it grows, ensuring every person in the family receives personalized care from the same professional.

Better Accessibility

Family dentists are well-known for being more available than other practitioners. They strive to offer block appointments for large families, making it more convenient to head to the dentist. Many of these offices are open outside of regular office hours and offer emergency appointments so you can continue seeing the same provider for all your dental needs.

Promote Oral Health

A family dentist will get to know your family through each appointment. That means they’ll know if your lineage is prone to gum disease and can help you prevent that in the rest of your crew. They’ll know specific problems your family struggles with and will work with you to help promote oral health. Seeing the same dentist is crucial to having a healthy mouth.

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