Cosmetic Dentistry

Porcelain Crowns and Bridges

Crown (also known as a cap)

A crown is a full coverage, tooth shaped and usually tooth colored way to protect a compromised tooth. Why would a tooth need a crown? Often time a tooth has had previous dental work and there wouldn’t be enough solid tooth structure for just a new bigger filling. Other times, teeth have gained very small cracks that weaken a corner or half of a tooth and the best way to prevent further damage and/or pain is a crown. Sometimes there is already a crown on the tooth but decay has weakened the tooth again. Finally, a crown is always recommended after a root canal on back teeth.

Person with beautiful white teeth


A bridge is a great “tooth replacement option”. There are times when we have a tooth removed for a variety of reasons. The space left is not esthetic and can cause the neighboring teeth to shift and cause damage. A bridge provides the neighboring teeth with a full coverage crown and a tooth where the space is. This bridge is a custom match to your shade and is cemented in place. You can eat, speak and function normally.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dr. Annis will get the tooth numb and ready for the filling. He will then remove all the dental decay leaving a solid tooth for which the filling material needs to bond. Dr. Annis will cleanse the tooth and apply material to reduce any post-operative sensitivity. Finally, the tooth will be repaired with a matching tooth filling material and polished. Before you leave, you will be asked to make sure the filling does not change your bite.