Cosmetic Dentistry

Mountain View Dentistry is your home for the latest in cosmetic dentistry services. We can straighten, brighten, and repair your teeth to make a dramatic change in your appearance and confidence. We have a wide range of quick, painless, and affordable treatments available for you.

Porcelain Crowns and Bridges 

Crown (also known as a cap)

A crown is a full coverage, tooth shaped and usually tooth colored way to protect a compromised tooth.

Why would a tooth need a crown?

Often time a tooth has had previous dental work and there wouldn’t be enough solid tooth structure for just a new bigger filling. Other times, teeth have gained very small cracks that weaken a corner or half of a tooth and the best way to prevent further damage and/or pain is a crown. Sometimes, there is already a crown on the tooth but decay has weakened the tooth again.

Finally, a crown is always recommended after a root canal on back teeth.


A bridge is a great “tooth replacement option.” There are times when we have a tooth removed for a variety of reasons. The space left is not esthetic and can cause the neighboring teeth to shift and cause damage. A bridge provides the neighboring teeth with a full coverage crown and a tooth where the space is. This bridge is a custom match to your shade and is cemented in place. You can eat, speak and function normally.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

When a filling is needed, Dr. Shilo Annis can provide tooth-colored fillings to help them be less noticeable. These fillings will be applied in the same careful manner as any filling, but you can feel confident knowing that no one else will notice the dental treatment!

Other Cosmetic Options

Crowns and Cosmetic Dental Services at Mountain View Dentistry, Bridgton, Maine