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Don’t Skip Your Dental Appointments: Here’s Why

Skipping dental appointments is one of the most harmful lifestyle decisions you can make. Oral health not only focuses on cosmetic problems but also on your overall health. According to the CDC, approximately one in four adults over twenty years old have cavities. If you don’t maintain and care for your teeth, you will unknowingly contribute to several other health problems. Here are a few benefits you might enjoy when you don’t skip your dental appointments.

Cleaner Teeth

There are many reasons why you should not skip your dental appointments, and having cleaner teeth is one of them. When you visit your dentist, they will clean your teeth and remove any tartar or plaque that has built up. It will help keep your teeth looking their best and prevent further damage or decay. Family dental services will also give your teeth a good polishing, leaving them looking their best. So, if you are looking for a reason not to skip dental appointments, remember that it could mean having a brighter, cleaner smile.

Discover Cavities

Dental cavities are common dental issues and can worsen over time if not treated promptly. That’s why you need to see your dentist regularly, so they can detect any cities before they progress into a bigger problem. Cavities occur due to tooth decay, which stems from bacteria and plaque interacting with the sugars in your food intake. If left untreated, cavities can lead to infections, pain, and tooth loss. Dentists can detect cavities in the early stages and provide treatments to stop the decay from progressing. Some cases require the dentist to use a simple filling to fill in the cavity. More severe cases may require a tooth extraction or root canal.

Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease is a serious issue which is why it’s important to see your dentist regularly so that they can detect early signs of gum disease and get the necessary treatment for it. During your dental appointment, your dentist will examine your teeth and gums for signs of disease and clean your teeth to remove any tartar or plaque that could lead to gum disease. If you skip dental appointments, you are putting yourself at risk of contracting gum disease.

Oral Cancer Screening

Going for your dental appointment allows your dentist to screen you for oral cancer. Oral cancer is a severe health condition that is difficult to detect in its early stage. But with regular screening by family dental services, it will get caught before it advances to a more severe issue. Your dentist will look for changes in the appearance of your mouth, teeth, and gums that could indicate the presence of cancerous cells.

Dental health is crucial to your well-being, so you should not skip appointments with your dentist. If you’re searching for a reliable dental clinic, contact Mountain View Dentistry today. We provide family dental services patients rely on.