Emergency Dental Services

The team at Mountain View Dentistry understands that when someone has tooth pain, it is emergent. You can become anxious, frightened and overwhelmed. Our goal is to relieve your pain the same day. We will gladly see you for a limited exam and problem focused to your primary concern, whether it is acute or chronic pain, or a chipped tooth. Sometimes the pain can be managed and treated that day or very soon after by options provided to you by Dr. Annis. Then if you don’t have a dental home, we can discuss how you can become a new patient.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Gums, lips and the tissue around the teeth can bleed a tremendous amount even with a small trauma. The priority is to apply pressure and a cold compress. Contact our office to see how we can help.

Chipped/Broken Tooth

If you chipped a tooth, collect as many pieces as possible and bring them with you to your appointment. Dr. Annis will evaluate the tooth/teeth and may recommend possible treatments to include bonding, a crown, or veneer.

Dislodged Tooth

If a tooth has been knocked out, time is critical. Do not wash the tooth! Place the tooth back in the socket the correct way, as this could be the best option. Otherwise, place it in a cup of milk and get to a dentist or as the last resort, the Emergency Room within one hour. The survival of the tooth is much better if the tooth can be placed and secured within an hour. After a few weeks of stabilization, a root canal is likely necessary. 

Dental Pain & Infection

A decayed or infected tooth is of high priority to treat due to the severe complications that can occur if left untreated. An untreated tooth that has been fractured, decayed or injured can cause dental infections. These infections can be very serious and do not go away with antibiotics. Antibiotics may be prescribed either by a physician or a dentist. These may be necessary to relieve pain or prepare the site for treatment. Typically, the treatment options include root canal treatment or an extraction as the last resort. Do not hesitate to call our office to resolve your pain.

Emergency Services and Urgent Treatment at Mountain View Dentistry, Bridgton, Maine