Family Dentistry

There are some people that may need a little more attention than others. If this is the case, we can schedule accordingly. Sometimes if the first appointment is a quick introduction to the office and environment it can add familiarity to the patient and progressively work towards the point of treatment. However, if a specialist that can accommodate their needs will better serve the patient, Dr. Annis will gladly provide the assistance needed.

Dr. Annis and the team at Mountain View Dentistry enjoy seeing children of all ages. However, we understand that some children are really better served by seeing a Pediatric Dentist. When a child starts their dental journey without the fear and anxiety, they are more likely to be vigilant with their dental care through life. This is why it is important to have your child see the appropriate dentist.

When your child just needs regular cleanings and maybe some fillings or other minor work, we may be a great place for them. Baby teeth are very important even though they fall out later in childhood. Baby teeth are place keepers so our adult teeth come in well. If a baby tooth has a cavity, it can still hurt and needs to be treated. That cavity harbors aggressive bacteria that can easily spread through your child’s mouth and cause more cavities. It is important to think about baby teeth as important as adult teeth.

Child and Children's Dentistry at Mountain View Dentistry in Bridgton, Maine