Here’s What to Do if You Chip a Tooth

According to the World Health Organization, oral diseases affect around 3.5 billion people globally. While our teeth are incredibly strong, they are still capable of cracking, getting cavities, or getting chipped. The pain from a chipped tooth usually comes and goes. In some instances, it may not even hurt at first. Whether you feel pain or not, you should do something about your chipped tooth. It’s possible that a chipped tooth can expose the tooth’s nerves. This will cause you to develop sensitive teeth. Here’s what you can do about a chipped tooth.

Act Quickly

When your tooth gets chipped, you should act quickly. As mentioned before, it’s possible that a chipped tooth may not hurt initially. However, this doesn’t mean that it will stay like that. To avoid the pain, you must get treatment as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can use some warm water to flush your mouth and apply a cold compress to your lip or cheek. This will help ease the pain and avoid excessive swelling while you’re waiting for treatment.

Manage the Pain

If you start experiencing pain just after your tooth gets chipped, there are some things you can do to make it better. For instance, you can take an anti-inflammatory or over-the-counter pain reliever. If you cannot visit the dentist immediately, give them a call and ask them about other ways you can alleviate the pain until they can get you in.

Visit the Dentist

The tips mentioned above can be considered first aid for a chipped tooth. However, to get the issue properly addressed, you should visit a dentist. If you visit the dentist, they may use cosmetic contouring to smooth out the jagged edges. Sometimes, they use dental bonding to fill out gaps and fissures. Chipped teeth can be restored using composite resin. It can be shaped to mimic the original shape of the tooth.

These are a few things you should do if your tooth gets chipped. It’s essential to visit the dentist as soon as possible. This will help ensure that you don’t experience a lot of pain. The dentist can also quickly correct the issue and restore your tooth to its natural look. If you’re looking for a trusted dental office, contact Mountain view Dentistry today to schedule an appointment!