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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Dental Check Up

Many people are hesitant about visiting their local dentist office for checkups two or three times a year. Unfortunately, that could be a recipe for disaster. Procrastinating on dentist office visits can be detrimental to your teeth and general oral health. Research shows that about a third of older adults have tooth decay that goes untreated. Here’s a closer look at why you shouldn’t skip your dental checkup.

Frequent Examinations Catch Small Problems

The checkup helps to keep track of your teeth and general oral health. Your dentist can keep track of potential trouble spots and initiate treatment as needed to stop little problems from becoming big, costly, and painful ones. Seeing your dentist two or three times a year for checkups helps to ensure your teeth stay in good shape.

Dental Cleaning Protects Oral Health

Your dentist can clean your teeth as well as give them a thorough inspection. Removing months-old plaque and tartar buildup will help to prevent cavities and make your teeth look their whitest. You also have peace of mind knowing that your teeth are in good condition and can stay that way with daily brushing and flossing as well as regular dental cleaning services.

Fluoride Treatments Nourish Your Teeth

Your visit to the dentist office also could include fluoride treatment that provides much-needed nourishment for your teeth. Fluoride treatments flood teeth with minerals that help to make them stronger and make the enamel surface more durable. The fluoride that your dentist uses is much better than anything you might find in a store and helps to make your teeth as strong and healthy as possible.

X-Rays Identify Gum Disease or Tooth Decay

Few tools are better at identifying what might be wrong with your teeth, gums, and jaw than dental X-rays. A checkup often includes dental X-rays that can identify any unseen problems that might affect your teeth. If you are experiencing discomfort, X-rays and a checkup can help to pinpoint any problems that might cause the problem.

Learn How Best to Care for Your Teeth

After your dentist has completed the checkup and cleaning, you can learn how best to care for your teeth based on the latest information. A trouble spot might require extra brushing and flossing. Your dentist can let you know if you need to make any changes to how you care for your teeth and gums.

Hopefully, you learned something about caring for your teeth! You can call or submit an online form to schedule a visit to our dentist office for a general cleaning and checkup. We’ll help you maintain that perfect smile!