Put Your Best Smile Forward With Dental Implants

Are you afraid to be yourself because you’re worried your smile will show your embarrassing missing tooth? 

You’re ready to have a radiant smile, full of joy and confidence. It’s just that you’re embarrassed by your teeth and constantly trying to hide them. You’re ready to smile big in pictures and not run from the camera. It’s time to put your best self forward, share your winning smile, and get your life back again.

The solution is closer than you imagine…and not as difficult as you think… 

Dental implants can give your beautiful smile back and maintain the overall health of your teeth, ensuring that you’ll have your trademark smile for years to come. 

A dental implant diagram

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants look exactly like your natural teeth, so you’ll get your confidence back without having to deal with the hassle of caring for dentures or appliances. They look fantastic and also play a key role in long term dental health.

Will Dental Implants Hurt?

The good news is dental implant placement is a nearly painless dental procedure. You’ll be anesthetized, and since the tooth is already missing you won’t have to deal with any tooth nerve pain. Best of all, it’s fast. We can numb you and place your implant in as little as 15 minutes… so it often feels like we’re wrapping things up before you realize we’ve started!

If you’re wondering how much dental implants cost, you should know that they have the highest success rate and are the longest-lasting tooth replacement solution, making them the most cost-effective long-term investment for dental health. Most dental plans cover the procedure, making it even more accessible and affordable for your pocketbook.

photo of a dental implant model

Are Dental Implants For Me?

If you’re missing teeth from decay, genetics, or an accident, you could be a candidate for dental implants. Why? When you lose a tooth, the other teeth can shift, causing untold dental complications that will cost you time and money later in life. These complications can have long-term effects on your speech, dental health, bone structure, chewing, and so much more.

It’s time to bring back your smile. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t get dental implants sooner!

Can Dental Implants Improve My Life?

When you’re missing a tooth, it can go beyond a gap in your smile. It can affect your speech, ability to eat, and your facial structure. Long term, it can also lead to jawbone deterioration, which can make placing future dental implants difficult or even downright impossible. Dental implants, when placed timely, prevent unsightly jawbone deterioration, and the resulting wrinkles and aging features. The sooner you opt for your implants, the better. They can make you look as young as you feel! So what are you waiting for?

What’s the Best Place for Dental Implants in Maine?

Mountain View Dentistry is the premiere office to get dental implants in Bridgton, Maine, and the surrounding area. Dr. Shilo Annis, Dr. Jude Jocham, and their team have years of experience providing top-quality implants for many happy patients. At Mountain View Dentistry, we offer all implant services in-house, so you’ll have the unbeatable convenience of being treated by one doctor in one location. You won’t have to coordinate multiple different providers and appointments, instead, you’ll have just a few easy appointments in a single location. We’ve helped countless patients regain their smiles, and they all agree—our office is a great place to get dental implants in Maine – from Portland to Fryeburg!

Before and after dental implants

If you’re ready to get your smile back and live life to the fullest, contact us to book your appointment or learn more. ​Confidence awaits!