Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular and effective cosmetic procedures available. Professional teeth whitening is a completely pain-free, straightforward dental treatment that can remove stains, brighten your teeth, and restore your confidence.

Is Teeth Whitening Right For You?

Over time, it’s natural for teeth to become slightly discolored, but a cosmetic dentist can provide an effective solution. Whilst the aging process can make enamel appear darker, certain foods and drinks can stain teeth as well. If you regularly drink coffee, tea, sodas, or juice, for example, you may notice that your teeth aren’t as bright as they once were. Similarly, smoking can have a detrimental effect on teeth and may result in them appearing yellow or dull.

Effective and Safe

With take-home custom whitening trays, however, you can brighten your teeth and lift stains. Designed to gradually whiten your teeth, these custom trays can be used regularly to ensure your teeth remain bright for the foreseeable future. Utilizing special ingredients, professional teeth whitening is far more effective than over-the-counter alternatives and is a far safer way to whiten your teeth.


Custom whitening trays ensure that all areas of the tooth benefit from the treatment, so you’ll benefit from even results. In addition to this, custom trays are made according to the exact alignment of your teeth, so they’re comfortable to wear.

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When you opt for cosmetic dentistry, it’s important to seek advice from a professional. Dr. Shilo Annis and the team at Mountain View Dentistry offer the most advanced teeth whitening solutions. You can rely on us to deliver safe and professional teeth whitening.