complete denture


Which Denture Type is Best for You?

It is vital to have a nice smile, and dentures can help. According to a survey by the AACD, just about all adults, 97%, believe that it is socially important to have a healthy smile. So if you think that it might be time for dentures, it might be an excellent time to understand the different types.

Traditional Complete Denture

A complete denture is a total replacement of the top and bottom teeth. A complete denture rests on top of the gums. Therefore, they can be removed and fit best when all the teeth are gone. A complete denture is made from porcelain or acrylic and held by a metal or acrylic base. One must wait about 8 to 12 months after removing all teeth before using a complete denture.

Partial Denture

A dentist may opt for a partial denture when some teeth are missing. This is removable and has the missing teeth attached to a base. A metal frame holds the denture in place. This denture replaces missing teeth and prevents the other teeth from moving.

Immediate Denture

You can use this denture immediately after teeth have been removed. An immediate denture replaces missing teeth while your gums and jaw heal. They are easy to fit and adjust as your mouth changes when it heals.

Implant Support Denture

This type of denture provides a solid foundation that acts as roots for your missing teeth. This allows you to have natural-looking denture options that remain secure. This is a permanent denture.

Snap-In Denture

These are among the most stable dentures of all the options available. The snap-in denture is placed with anchors on existing teeth or implants. As a result, they are held securely in place. This is ideal for someone missing teeth but still has bone tissue and can support an implant.


This denture type sits on the gums with dental implants. It can be used on the top jaw or the lower jaw based on your needs.

When you are ready for dentures, it is best to contact a professional to help you understand the options best suited for you. Everyone’s needs are different, and to get the right fit and best smile, you need the proper dentures.